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Generative art defines a process where the creator sets rules (usually in a text sentence) that are then actioned by artificial intelligence. Often, the creator then refines the image. The art form combines artistic expertise and algorithmic serendipity.

This is a new art form and there will be technological advances, so watch this space. Try these six generative art applications. There is no charge – unless you get hooked! Most require you to open an account before downloading to reduce hacking opportunities.

VanceAI - Line Drawing

VansPortrait is an AI-based converter that helps convert a photo to a line drawing online in 5 seconds using deep learning. This one cost one credit.

VanceAI gives you three free credits when you create the account, which you need to do to download your masterpiece.

Try it – VanceAI Line Drawing 

VanceAI - Cartoonizer

Toongineer cartoonizer is an AI image cartoonizer that automatically turns a photo/image into a cartoon-style image.

Once you have a VanceAI account, the credits can be used for all their products. All uploaded images are deleted permanently after 24 hours. 

Try it – VanceAI Cartoonizer

EZIGIF is a free, user-friendly toolset designed primarily for creating and editing animated GIFs.

Three identical images with different background colours were  uploaded to create this gif. Then the ‘optimize’ button was clicked to reduce file size.

Try it – Ezigif maker

Artbreeder Collage

Artbreeder has developed this new tool to allow you to build a collage based on keywords in a sentence.

This application is still in the beta stage so it may seem a bit limited, but it is fun to explore the current tool set.


Try it – Artbreeder Collage

Canva collage
Canva Collage

Canva’s online collage maker helps you try your hand at this fun art form.

They supply templates and images or you can just upload your own images, arrange them, choose a background and download the finished work.

You must create an account to be able to download your completed work, but there is no charge.

Try it – Canva Collage


Create AI-generated artwork. The input text for this was ‘City on the moon’.

NightCafe gives you three free credits when you create an account. You can generate an image from text, or upload your own image and apply a style.

Try it – NightCafe Studio

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